what is your style?

My quiz is a style quiz and has many stuff to do to see if you have style or not try taking it if you have time to it is a fun and style quiz and if you get low on it try it again and don't worry now!

I like getting down and dirty to be creative and I also like to have a little style to see if any one knows it is my way of style and don't be afraid to take it because it is my style see my way now bye!

Created by: Tori

  1. Do you have a crush on someone?
  2. what do you like best?
  3. what do you like best?
  4. what shoes do you like?
  5. do you like make up?
  6. do you think your doing good?
  7. do you have a beard?
  8. do you take forever getting dress?
  9. do you take long baths or showers?
  10. do you use perfume or colone?

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Quiz topic: What is my style?