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  • What Is Your Stereotype?
    Your Result: Loner 79%

    Your stereotype is Loner! People often wonder why you don't have friends. It's because you're shy and paranoid. At school, you are very antisocial and hidden from others! You barely talk to anyone because you're afraid of not being accepted. You try making friends sometimes, but you just gave up because you realize that the kids at school are not going to give in to your friendship. You have to try making friends outside of school, or change schools and possibly start over.

    74% Nerd
    53% Emo
    45% Gothic
    43% Punk
    29% Wannabe
    14% Prep
    14% Glamorous
    10% Hot

  • Your Stereotype is Glamorous! Consider yourself rich and luxurious, because you are all about that glitter! You are also snobby and conceited. You only talk to popular people like you, because that is who you are! Your style is absolutely gorgeous and many people are jealous of you! You have the best stereotype there is!

  • I got emo......ok...:/ and how are you a professional?

  • Nerd.

  • Emo. Uuuh, okay. ^.^'


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