What is your spirit animal? 97% correct

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Some people wonder why they love some animals. Find your animal spirit! Sorry I put so little choices though, u try other ones if u got idk.

Created by: RubyHeart

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  1. You are in the forest at night with your best-friend/crush and they start to hyperventilate. You.....
  2. When you sleep (not $ex) how do you look? (Or you think you do)
  3. Your mom (mum and no im not british) asked you what you want for dinner. You say....
  4. You would rather....
  5. (Just so u know im aslo Maplewood Of ShadowClan so check out those)
  6. Pick one: Travel in a group or alone
  7. You got cut you...
  8. Your sick! You...
  9. What did you think?
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Quiz topic: What is my spirit animal? 97% correct