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  • 93%

    As a wolf, you are the king or queen of the wild. You rule the wild world, and none stand in your way. However, you are humble and kind, your fogiveness and patience is seemingly endless. You believe in the power of teamwork as a pack, and you are extremely loving to your friends and family. You are vocally gifted. Word of advise: know when to cut your losses. Don't sacrfice everything for someone you barely know. Match: Eagle. Enemy: YOU ABSOLUTELY HATE COUGARS.

  • Cougar 72%

    As the cougar, you are smart and sexy. You are extremely popular in your social life. You are desired by many, but you play the field and only rarely settle down with one boy/girl friend. You're smooth, athletic, and confident. You think in practical, somethimes cruel ways. Your friends respect your dangerous dark side. Word of advise: stay away from wolves. Match: Horse. Enemy: Wolf

    Hmm..nice quiz!

  • wolf so i know when to cut my losses..... i don't help someone i barley know, only my friend and best friends, if they are in trouble, I WILL RISK MY LIFE FOR THEM!!!!!!! and my best frenenemy (Thats a enemy who was your friend or a friend you are enemys with) took this quiz...... it said i was not good with cougars..... AND SHE ENDED UP WITH COUGAR!!!!!!! AND IT SAID I WAS NOT GREAT WITH COUGARS!!!!!! Lily calm down girl... calm down....let your inner wolf spirit relax...there. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhh.

  • Nice quiz:) I got wolf and it maches my perfectly

  • a cougar?!?! hunney, i ain't no cougar, imma wolf!! W-O-L-F - A WOLF!!

    Suh Dude

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