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  • Mein Gott, this quiz is biased. I have no words. Socialism is NOT the same thing as fascism (although certain forms of capitalism are). Democratic socialism promotes the right of people to control the economy by democratic means (instead of winner-gets-all), not the right of Big Gun Mint to Gibb Hen Doubt.

    Jerrytheman9 May 23 '16, 10:46PM
  • A clear bias is exuded by the phrasing of certain options, evidently the more liberal inclining ones are phrased through a negative lense. (Paraphrasing) "You're against economic freedom and think POLITICIANS are better able to manage people's money." Absolutely ridiculous, this quiz is sub-par and does not merit anyones' consideration. I perhaps would not be so strident in my review, primarily if the bias wasn't so obvious.

    BiaseQuiz Aug 17 '15, 12:06AM
  • Definite libertarian bias (and I'm a classical liberal, i.e. realistic libertarian). The extreme options were too all or nothing (almost cartoonish) and there were no subtle answers. Also the free trade question was mislabeled, it was about free enterprise, not international trade.

    dpd376 Apr 13 '15, 7:29PM
  • Stupid quiz and very biased and ridiculous in its wording. Doesn't know the difference between Liberalism and Communism.

    Angantyr May 12 '13, 9:33AM
  • I scored "90% Communist" but this is obviously biased, as I really found nothing that truly matches my beliefs. I hit the more "government-involve d" answers, but that's only for the economic policy. I don't really believe government should exist.

    Appayipyip42 Feb 18 '13, 4:07PM
  • Not a good quiz because very biased. So many of the questions equzte government with politicians. They are not the same thing.

    motibutton Feb 25 '12, 2:45PM
  • I'm democrat and that's true!

    LuxuryBrass Dec 10 '11, 12:18PM
  • Comparatively good quiz. Conservatives would probably see a liberal bias and vice versa. The quiz offers "less government" options not offered by many others, in addition to the obvious liberal and conservative responses. Hence the feeling that it may have a libertarian bias.

    blaf Oct 28 '11, 4:40PM
  • "You believe that all men are indebted, by birth right, to the labor of other men."

    No, that is what you believe.

    Someone12345 Jun 15 '11, 10:55AM
  • Good quiz but many of the answers had a libertarian bias in the way they were phrased.

    Peter Principle Mar 12 '11, 12:08PM

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