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  • What is your personality?
    Your Result: You have multiple personalities! 91%

    You can be shy and sweet, but also love being the center of attention. You make friends easily, but can also be a b---- at times and might lose them just as easily.

    86% You're a drama queen/king!
    81% You're super outgoing!
    69% You are shy, but sweet!
    62% You're a fashionita!
    50% You are a sweetheart!
    33% You are great with your family!

    So far I lost one friend, but we became friends again. Why did we stop being friends for 2 weeks? Because I'm annoying. :D I'm always like, "HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI!"

  • NO! I'm not shy, I am super outgoing who made this!

  • Shy,I'm not that shy.

  • nice quiz i liked it 8 stars


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