What is your perfect pet?

There are many pets in the world.people want pets at least every day.The problem is that they don't know what pet to get and care for.A pet requires many different things to keep it healthy.

What is your perfect pet?Take this quiz to find out what pet you should get.In the quiz you will be asked a few questions to determine what your perfect pet is.

Created by: maiyah

  1. What pet do you least like.
  2. What is your favorite color
  3. What do you do when you go outside
  4. What is your birthstone
  5. do you have any brothers or sisters
  6. What eye color do you have.
  7. What mood are you almost always in
  8. What is your favorite treat that you love to eat
  9. are you ready to find out what your perfect pet is
  10. What is your favorite food

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Quiz topic: What is my perfect pet?