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  • This is great, I do like what I got, but I already had it. So..... That didn't help me figure out what do ask for...

    Gsgsge May 27 '18, 5:41PM
  • im not a little kid i dont need teddies for a gift

    madameXYZ May 18 '18, 7:55AM
  • This is so creepy!This year will be the best year of your life!DON'T STOP READING!!!If you post this on one quiz your mom will say I love you to you.
    2 quizzes-your best friend will ignore you for a few days
    3 quizzes-your crush will finally talk to you
    4 quizzes-you will get something you have longed for
    5 quizzes-you will have good luck for the rest of the week
    6 quizzes-your best friend will come over to your house
    7 quizzes-your your crush will ask you to sit with him
    8 quizzes-you will meet a celebrity in the next to years
    9 quizzes-your crush will ask you to the movies
    10+ quizzes-your you will have good luck fora year and this will be the best year of your life however if you do not post this message on one or more QUIZZES you will be cursed for the next seven years and have bad luck for the next ten years.this actually works

    Lou Miso Feb 5 '18, 9:07AM
  • I need pens but I also need apples

    Janelypie143 Dec 5 '16, 5:42AM

    Hermione9989 Oct 1 '16, 5:57PM
  • Quite a cool quiz actually, I got Lego. Just check your spelling next time. Nice job :)

    Janelypie143 Sep 22 '16, 5:31AM
  • I got teddy, and i like teddies, but i like stationery better.

    Werewolf Stacey Sep 13 '16, 3:57PM
  • I got teddy, and i like teddies, but i like stationery better.

    Werewolf Stacey Sep 13 '16, 3:55PM
  • I love to draw I'm like an artist in a wolf!!!!!!!

    Crystal the Wolf Jun 12 '16, 7:03PM
  • noteboook and pens

    whitewolf73 Apr 13 '16, 12:06PM
  • Yeah there were so many spelling errors which bugged me, then it said my perfect gift was Lego and I hate Lego. No offence but this isn't the greatest.

    Lilian Nov 13 '15, 7:50AM
  • Before you post a quiz, check everything! You misspelt about 20% of your words including frequent misspelling of your (it should be you're). There wasn't always a capital letter where needed and you missed out some punctuation. Also my description of my gift makes no sense so I'm not impressed with this!

    Gawjasgalx Aug 17 '15, 8:58AM
  • Heck yeah!I luv to draw!

    sosorickenbacker Jun 29 '15, 11:15AM
  • I don't think I should get a ds because I like doing other stuff. This quiz sucks and lies.

    Caroline2559 May 16 '15, 7:09PM
  • It's YOU'RE, not YOUR, learn correct grammar. Also, i selected over 60 as a joke and i got teddy. This quiz is 100% bull.

    THEGRAMMARPOLICE Apr 18 '15, 11:21AM
  • Oh wow, not stereotypical at all. By the way, YOU'RE (you know, the way to combine you and are correctly) a GRAMMAR GENIUS.

    XxEmmaxX Oct 1 '14, 7:00PM
  • You really need to learn to spell and use an apostrophe correctly. The shortened form of "you are" is you're NOT your.

    teacher1 Sep 10 '14, 12:43PM
  • What is your perfect birthday presant?
    Your Result: Teddy

    You love to cuddle to a teddy.Your perfect for teddies.You like any colour,etc.Brown,Wh ite,Black..... You also like any animal,Etc.bear,dog ,cat..... I think your cool

    Good quiz i do need a teddy.I get kinda lonely around here :O

    HannaBanana Jul 9 '11, 7:30PM
  • Exactly what I wanted! I'm always running out of pens :]

    Loony Luna Jul 9 '11, 3:02PM
  • Good quiz. I got Journal/Pens.

    madid Jul 9 '11, 12:08PM

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