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  • i got "soul searcher" and although it was fairly accurate, the other options also seemed like a possibility that could fit me. in my town, im noted for the soul, brains, and thrills. the top was soul (o' course) but the bottom 2 were brains/thrills. again, very good, just not a perfect one.

  • I'm a thrill seeker and a world traveler! Ziplining in the Amazon, bunjee-jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge, scaling the Leanning Tower of Piza, climbing Mt. Everest! The many GREAT possibilities!

  • I got world traveler, I guess that's me, seeing as I love to learn about food and culture. Great quiz! 10/10. =)

    I like music
  • i got hopeless romantic. that is most definitely me. :)

  • i'm thrill seeker!! right below it was world traveler. bothe seem fun! it would be so much fun to travel the world! the foods, jewerly, clothes. it all seem fun!!


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