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  • Hi everyone,

    This was my first quiz so please not too harsh or mean comments.

    I forgot to add how the mermaids look like in the results and I can't fix it, so here it is!

    Sea Star: Blue hair, blue eyes, blue tail with a tint of green.

    Firey Freya: Red hair with streaks, tough looking hazel eyes, orange-gold tail.

    White Sea Enchantress: Blonde-white hair, beautiful blue eyes and silver tail.

    Quill: Pretty brown wavy hair with blue streaks, turquoise eyes and purple tail.

    Lavina: Black hair, red eyes, black tail, evil.

    Hope you enjoyed my quiz and please comment as this was my first!


  • I liked it so much I was Quill and I do have brown dirty blond hair that wavy and I would wan a purple tale and purple streaks though and green eyes

  • I'm Lavina. Apparently I am a white sea enchantress, or something like that...Makes since.....

  • good quiz.. i like it.. hope you make more quizzes in the near future.. . hey, please try my story quiz.. not your average love story part 1 and part 2.. its my first shot in writing.. sorry if its not good..

  • Nice quiz!


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