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  • Your Result: Depression

    Everything seems gray. nothing makes you happy. You find yourself crying more than usual, and you feel gloomy and, well., depressed. Now, this IS a problem. It could make people feel uncomfortable near you, and vice versa. The biggest problem, is that it causes you to be unhappy and can push you to extremes. The only cure for this, as far as i know(which is niot a lot), is either therapy, or medication, or natural medicines. Or, just wait it out. Just push yourself on, smile now and then. Theres always a way to make it better, you just have to find it. Good luck!!

    Beverlyreagan Feb 26 '16, 11:09PM
  • Depression 90%
    So true...my parents hate me and i cut. No one likes me, no one cares. I have no friends, i wish i had amnesia...i have suicidal thoughts too.
    i died long ago, after he left. i miss you so much. why couldn't you have lived?

    Snuffs Jan 8 '16, 9:05PM
  • Obsessive Compulsion. I never thought of myself as actually having something wrong with me, but okay. Very good quiz though.

    Hiccstrid Sep 1 '15, 11:44AM
  • What is your Mental Disorder Quiz
    Your Result: Antisocial


    You dont talk much, and you are ussually found alone, you preffer corners to the center of the room. You might just be shy, which is okay, and its more of an emotion than a personality trait so -if you want- you could change it. Being antisocial can be hard, but for some people its a good thing. Of course, you could simply dislike people, which is okay too- if youre ok with it. If youre just shy and dont want to be, just put yourself out there, dont be afraid! Also, high five because youre like me.

    Sounds about right, I like to be alone, although I'm not incredibly shy. I don't mind people and I do have friends, just not any really good ones, maybe on or two? I don't know. Anyway, good quiz!

    LoneShadowWolf Jan 11 '13, 4:10PM

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