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  • Personal Loyalty

    This is probably the toughest of all fatal flaws. Personal loyalty is good, like when you always stand by your friend. However, sometimes it can be extreme. Very extreme. You'd do anything to save and protect those who are special to you. This can arouse some self-questioning when you realize this flaw. Loyalty is great, but extreme? Just remember, too much is always not good.

    Oh, pshh I thought Pride was gonna be mine..
    But I really LOVED this quiz!! :DDDDDDD

  • That's creepy....Someone has the same nickname as me. Kat. Sorry, guess I'm just not used to it. Great quiz by the way. Personal Loyalty....figures. (;

  • My nickname is also Kat. =D

    And I also got personal loyalty. Really great quiz. =)

  • I got Personal Loyalty. Nice quiz Kat. I KEEL YOU NIKKI KNOX!

  • I created this quiz!!! Do you love it??? :D So happy right now...but I have no idea why!!


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