What Is Your Fatal Flaw?

Yes, your mom says your lazy, and sometimes you can be a bit rude. But have you ever wondered what your FATAL FLAW is? A fatal flaw is a major disadvantage in a person's personality. On average it could be moderate trouble. If you were a super agent spy, watch out for your fatal flaw!

So, what IS your fatal flaw? Your parents have definetely put in their share of flaws about you. Maybe your friends have too. But this quiz was designed for recognizing true fatal flaws. Take this life-changing quiz and find out YOUR fatal flaw!

Created by: Kat

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  1. Of course, this is fiction, but take it as if it were real. Your best friend was kidnapped and is being held as ransom, for over a million dollars. You-
  2. You stay awake at night, listening to your parents fight. Then you realize that your dad has hit your mom. You-
  3. You worked hard on a painting to show in the art gallery. When they tell you your painting will not be accepted, you-
  4. You didn't know this, but your friends planned to scare you-hard. They dress up in ghoulish costumes. When you open your bedroom door, they spring into action! You are caught extremely off guard. You-
  5. You got a letter stating that your favorite aunt died because of a random drunk driver. You loved that aunt with all your heart. You-
  6. Let's stop for a moment. What are you thinking about your results right now?
  7. Back to the real Q's! You're about to go on your first date. You look in the mirror to analyze your appearance. You-
  8. Okay so what do YOU think your fatal flaw is? This slightly affect your result
  9. Okay! Last real question! If you were king/queen of the world, what would you do?
  10. So, overall, did you like this quiz?

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