What is your fatal flaw(its not called fatal for nothing!)?

Everyone has a fatal flaw. Some Greek heroes die because of it! One of them unleashed bad feelings. One of them died because of it and lost their favor. One them nearly died. One of the got cursed by the sea god Poseidon, and nearly got killed to and made their quest last about 20 years! See, they really are fatal flaws.

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  1. Do you often have flashbacks of your past?
  2. Kronos takes your beat friends! You have to get them back, what do you decide to do?
  3. What do you desire most out of the things below? You desire:
  4. Do you hold grudges against people if they did something mean to you?
  5. Would you die to sacrifice you for your friend?
  6. Open the box and release all the bad feelings or keep it close?
  7. Which character is your soulmate?
  8. Which character is your soulmate? Only choose if you did not find you soulmate on the last one.
  9. Which one of these just makes you explode?
  10. Do you spend time making your hair in the morning?
  11. Do you care about how you look?
  12. Your fatal flaw is……
  13. Click the button to find out!
  14. Oh, one last question.

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Quiz topic: What is my fatal flaw(its not called fatal for nothing!)?