What Is Your Fatal Flaw?

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Everyone has a fatal flaw. To demigods, it's more dangerous, and your fatal flaw might be more obvious. But you can take this quiz NOW, to find out what YOUR fatal flaw could be!

What's YOUR datal flaw? Find out NOW by taking this awesome QUIZ! Fatal flaws are more dangerous to demigods, but everyone has them! What's YOUR fatal flaw?

Created by: Claire Valdez

  1. If Kronos said you can be the most powerful person on the planet if you join him, would you?
  2. If someone needed your help desperately, and it's important that you save this person, would you go to rescue and risk your life?
  3. There's a newbie at Camp, and she's really nice. What would you think of her?
  4. After getting in a fight with someone, you have to save that person, or many more people will die. Will you save him/her?
  5. Do you feel as if you're useless or the least important?
  6. You get an 80 on your test, what would you do?
  7. If you had one wish that would come true the way you want it to, what would you wish for?
  8. What do you THINK your fatal flaw is? (Short Fuse, Paranoia [Suspicion of others], Too Trusting, Power, Vanity at the next question)
  9. What fatal flaw do you THINK you have? (Continued from last question)
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