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  • I took both of your fairy tests and I got the fairy of love which makes sense to me since I'm so caring and kind. I had also gotten visions when I re-took it, but I don't dream about future events. I was hoping that I could find some tests including the fairy element of dreams since I like to dream at night and have had so many dreams in the past about different things. Though, I've been forgetting my dreams as soon as I'm jolted awake.

    But other than that, I'm very happy with my fairy element and love seems to fit me well. :)

  • Your Result: Fairy of Nature

    You are Mother nature to everyone. You have a loving heart,and r like Flora on the Winx.You get your power from the seasons Summer and Spring. Your transformation is a green dress and u have brown boots. You keep practicing and u can make nature obey u.

    HELL yeah...

    Missy Prissy Cat
  • Vision fairy,able to read minds and predict the future events. That sounds kinda like me already sense I get lots of deja vu alot of the time lol. Cool quiz mate.

  • I'm trying to practice,but can 11 year olds do this?:0

    Another thing,my element is lightning and YAY yellow!But I'm trying and it's not working?What to do and why lightning again?

  • visions. Ok. like the powers, don't like the outfit. I HATE yellow!

  • harrumph, why am I the opposite of my name????

    waves.. ....


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