What Is Your Clique?

There are many high school cliques but which one do you fit into. What is a clique? Well its a group of people who enjoy doing the same things. Like the plastics from Mean Girls for example.

So could you be plastic? Or are you more quiet. Do you tend to follow the crowd? A few moments ago you could only guess. But now thanks to this amazing quiz, you can find out what clique you belong to.

Created by: T.Dot
  1. Its the weekend, so what do you do?
  2. You have just discovered your hidden talent but what is it?
  3. Your dream job?
  4. Prom's arriving so your going in a...
  5. You find someone staring at you. What do you do?
  6. Okay its your sweet 16.
  7. The boy you really fancy has aked you out so you...
  8. Okay so the date goes well but the boy gets a bit forceful. You...
  9. There's a rumour going round about you, how do you cope?
  10. Ready to find out your clique

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Quiz topic: What Is my Clique?