What High School Clique Are You?

Everyone has a different personality. In elementary, cliques don't even really exist. Almost everyone gets along. But in middle-high school, a lot of people you thought were your friends will start to shop at hollister then BAM! They're sitting with the preps.

So which clique do you fit in with? The jocks? The nerds? The musicians? You're the only one who chooses to be a theater kid or prep. But people see things differently. So what do other people think of you? Take this quiz & you'll find out.

Created by: mari
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Who's scared of you?
  2. What are the brands of most of your clothes or where did you get them?
  3. Do you attempt to make a statement?
  4. Which sport do you love the MOST?
  5. Grades?
  6. Be honest! Have you ever seen someone wear/do something & copy them?
  7. How many pairs of shoes do you have?
  8. How many pairs of converse do you have?
  9. Music?
  10. How many CLOSE friends do you have?
  11. Fav color?
  12. Fav disney movie?
  13. What do people probably describe you as?
  14. When you walk through the front doors:
  15. Pants?
  16. What would you rather be doing now?

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Quiz topic: What High School Clique am I?