The Clique Movie Quiz

"Look at yourself in the mirror. Do you feel like a genius? Well, now find out if you are one! This quiz is a test on how much attention you paid during the clique film!"

"Time to find out if you're a genius! Can't wait? Well, hurry up! Take this quiz and become clique-addicted! Hurry, hurry, hurry, HURRY! Please, I KNOW you can't wait!"

Created by: Claire Anne Cassidy
  1. In The Clique movie, who suggested the company name "Glambition"?
  2. When Dylan Marvil, gives Claire Lyons false directions to the nurse's office, where does Claire accidentally go?
  3. Where does the movie start?
  4. Does The Pretty Committee watch T.V on the way to school?
  5. Does Britney Spears music play while Kristen Gregory, Dylan Marvil, Alicia Rivera, and Claire Lyons, are swimming?
  6. Where does Massie Block record the "Current State Of The Union?"
  7. Does Alicia Rivera give Claire Lyons her father's phone?
  8. Does Claire Lyons talk to Dylan Marvil before the first day of school?
  9. Does Claire Lyons' brother Todd Lyons have red hair or brown hair?
  10. Does Massie Block recomend "Baby's Breath" nail polish to Layne Abeley?

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