Ultimate Movie Quiz!!

Know movies? Have a favorite director? Know what a gaffer does? The ultimate movie quiz for hardcore movie fans. 50 questions ranging from easy to very difficult. So hopefully there is something for everyone.

There are questions on a wide variety of movies and movie related topics. So put on your celluoloid thnking caps and get ready to take this quiz about the biz.

Created by: Chris Elliott
  1. Which Martin Scorcese movie is NOT a remake or a sequel?
  2. Which of the following is not a John Hughes movie?
  3. Which movie was not based on a Saturday Night Live sketch?
  4. What was Michael Keaton's first movie?
  5. If a director takes his name off of a movie, and no one wants to take credit for it, what fictional name is listed as director?
  6. All of these lovely ladies played murder victims in the "Scream" movies except...
  7. Writing crime and western novels for over 30 years, Elmore Leonard wrote the books for all these movies except...
  8. Which Patrick Swaze movie was also the first movie to have a PG-13 rating?
  9. Daily Show host Jon Stewart did NOT appear in...
  10. Which movie star never been a CAST MEMBER of a sit-com?
  11. These video games all became horrible live action movies except...
  12. Horror author Stephen King does cameos in some of his movies. But he was not in...
  13. Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn were both in all the following movies except..
  14. What was the first cartoon to recieve an X rating from the MPAA?
  15. What Paul Newman classic contains the line "Nobody, but nobody can eat fifty eggs.
  16. Which actor who played James Bond is not actually British?
  17. These movies were all from comic books or graphic novels except...
  18. The Coen Brothers have made such memorable movies as Fargo and No Country for Old Men. Which actor has been in the most Coen Brothers movies?
  19. Entourage star Kevin Dillon was also in the Oliver Stone film...
  20. Horror director Wes Craven took a break from the Scream and Nightmare on Elm Street movies to direct this Meryl Streep film..
  21. Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder have appeared together in all the following movies except...
  22. Amy Heckerling, the director of "Clueless" also made which of the following high school movies?
  23. Which of the following movies was NOT based on a play by William Shakespeare?
  24. Johnny Depp has been in many Tim Burton films. But he was not in this one...
  25. Which of these sometimes foul-mouthed actors has NOT voiced a character in a Disney animated movie.
  26. Which of these was NOT a "National Lampoon" movie?
  27. What foreign city has the most American movies made there?
  28. Before he made "Bowling for Columbine" and "Sicko", Michael Moore wrote and directed this comedy flop.
  29. Besides being a director, Quentin Tarantino is listed as a writer on all these movies except...
  30. Sean Penn's wife, Robin Wright Penn made her film debut in..
  31. Which of these Big Screen actors was NOT also a Saturday Night Live cast member?
  32. Who has never played a villain in a Batman movie?
  33. Forest Whitaker recently played dictator Idi Amin. He has also had smaller roles in all of these movies except...
  34. Who's movies have made the most money in box office history?
  35. The "Matrix" and "Lord of the Rings" were two of the biggest trilogies in movie history. One actor was in all six films. Who is it?
  36. In the production company Dreamworks SKG, the S is for Stephen Speilberg. The K for producer Jeffrey Katzenberg. Who does the G represent?
  37. The Canadian comedy troupe "The Kids in the Hall" made a feature film called..
  38. True Blood star Anna Paquin earned an Oscar nomination for her performance in
  39. Which of these movies was NOT entirely in black & white?
  40. Samuel L. Jackson is in almost every movie ever made. But he wasn't in..
  41. Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson have been in all the following movies together except...
  42. Which of the following sports movies is NOT based on real-life events?
  43. Morgan Freeman and Chris Rock play father and son hitmen in what dark comedy?
  44. Apart from voicing many characters on The Simpsons, this great comic actor has also appeared in such movies as "Heat", "The Birdcage" and the "Night at the Museum: Battle for the Smithsonian"
  45. Who did not appear in the movie "Stripes"?
  46. Kevin Costner was NOT in this baseball movie.
  47. Movie critics Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert were critics for competing newspapers in what city?
  48. And finally, which of these Robert De Niro films was NOT directed by Martin Scorcese?

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