What is your chakra nature?

I made this quiz because i wanted to and because its the first one created that ansewrs to rhe naruto shippuden series also because i wanted to test my best friend cass on this.

This test contains easy questions that will let u no at the end what is your chakra nature wich is quite cool if you know what im talking about when i say naruto.

Created by: Hinata of Love.come
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  1. Whi do you fear most?
  2. What do you like
  3. Where do you live?
  4. Whats your favorite color
  5. Choose your favorite
  6. Were do you like to be
  7. Choose a battle range
  8. Choose your tool
  9. Choose your tool
  10. Qhats your usual emotion

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Quiz topic: What is my chakra nature?