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  • Your Result: Your impatience

    Your biggest flaw is your impatience. An impatient person is someone who gets bored easily and dislikes sitting around. They also might become easily irritated or upset. This is a very common flaw that many people struggle with. A good way to become more patient is try to teach yourself to slow down, take deep breaths, and practice active listening. This might make you feel more relaxed and less restless in situations that annoy you.

    This is pretty accurate.

    • Your Result: 100% your dishonesty

      Your biggest flaw is your dishonesty. A dishonest person may be a compulsive liar, and may even cheat their way out of responsibilities. A dishonest person may also try to avoid consequences for their actions. This is a pretty common bad habit that many people pick up in their lives. The best way to improve is to try to be true to yourself, if you find yourself lying out of habit, start slow by telling small truths when people ask you questions. Slowly, you will begin to have healthier habits and become a more honest person.

      100% Your impatience
      89% Your laziness
      65% Your timidness
      60% Your jealousy
      50% Your fearlessness
      50% Your stubbornness
      20% Your selfishness
      20% Your insensitivity
      17% Your ignorance

  • I got 100% impatient AND 100% stubborn... No wonder my math teacher hates me so much :)

    • hehe. I posted my results above. i am 100 percent liar and impatient. no wonder no one trusts me to tell the truth

  • I did on my sister and she got selfishness!!!😅

    • i wish i could do it on my little brother...

  • I'm 100% dishonest.Or am I?😉


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