What Is Your Bark Saying?

Have you ever wondered what dog you would be if things had come out differently? What tail you would wag? If you would wag any? How would you bark? Or would you? Find out in minutes!

What kind of canine are you? Are you smart, loyal, devoted, sweet, kind, stuborn, light - hearted, skillful, daring, or intellgient? Or are you ALL? Find out NOW, through a dog's point of view! (Sniff, sniff, wag, wag. Woof!)

Created by: Bailee

  1. Do you like to be alone?
  2. What is your main hobby?
  3. How are you with style? (Are you spending two hours on it, or two seconds?)
  4. Describe your circle, group, or partenership (or none at all) of friend(s).
  5. How do your friends describe you? If you don't have any friends, what do you think you are or have you heard people say you are?
  6. Choose a smiley face (weird but does go towards how you feel - meaning your result).
  7. How do you NORMALY feel?
  8. Choose an object or thing you couldn't live without.
  9. Choose a sign - thingy.
  10. How did you like this quiz? Okay, now, real question, because I can think of one: Do you like to exercise?

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Quiz topic: What Is my Bark Saying?