Why are you single?

You? Single??? No... really??? You want to know why? Take this quiz and find out! You think you have it tough being single? Imagine having to think of a 150 word paragraph to write about nothing! Hmmmm..... yea... this sucks....

Why are you single you ask? Take this quiz and find out! So this one time my dog ran across the road to go bark at a squirrel. Then I called her back home and she ran across the street and got hit by TWO vans. Dang, i sure was mad. but she's ok now.

Created by: liz strelow
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  1. For a 6 month anniversary, what is an appropriate gift?
  2. You're at a party and a very attractive person is sitting alone. How do you approach them?
  3. What do you wear when you regularly go out?
  4. What are you most likely to do on your day off?
  5. Favorite TV show?
  6. Favorite thing for dinner?
  7. You're on a date and the meal is coming to an end. You're the one having to pay, do you decide to get dessert?
  8. Your friend sets you up on a blind date and...
  9. Which television character do you think had the most "game"?
  10. What's your hair like?

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Quiz topic: Why am I single?