What is your aesthetic for girls

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You have seen many quizzes about aesthetics. What makes this one different? Why should you take my quiz? Well, this quiz goes way beyond clothes and style. It looks at your whole personality to get the most accurate read on your true aesthetic.

This quiz has 25 questions and to get the most accurate answer you should do your best to answer them truthfully. I could not possibly include every aesthetic in the quiz so it just has five results. I hope you enjoy! -Charissa Rachele

Created by: Charissa Rachele
  1. First things first. What is a typical school day outfit? Start with bottoms.
  2. Now choose a stylish top!
  3. What shoes are you wearing?
  4. How are you wearing your hair?
  5. What makeup are you rocking with this outfit?
  6. What's your favorite color out of these?
  7. What's your favorite out of these?
  8. What's your favorite sport?
  9. What is the best hobby out of these?
  10. What is your favorite movie genre?
  11. How many friends do you have?
  12. What is a flattering adjective to describe you?
  13. What is an unflattering adjective to describe you?
  14. Where would your ideal house be?
  15. What job would you like?
  16. What is your favorite school subject out of these?
  17. What is your color palette?
  18. Which school "group" are you in/would you be in?
  19. What is the best music genre?
  20. Best movie out of these?
  21. What is a must-have quality in a boyfriend?
  22. Ok, almost done now. Imagine you are at a wedding. What do you wear?
  23. Which painting would you hang in your room?
  24. Last question! What is your priority for the near future?

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Quiz topic: What is my aesthetic for girls