What is your aesthetic? (For boys)

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This quiz tells you which aesthetic you are, based off of stereotypes because I haven’t had time to properly research. Sorry. Anyways I hope you enjoy, please share this quiz.

Put some questions for me in the comments, I wanna do a Q and A as my next topic. I hope you have fun, stay safe, be nice! DON'T DO DRUGS!! Have a super amazing fantastic day!

Created by: Bellatrix lestrange
  1. Ok gender?
  2. How do you dress? (If your style of dress isn’t o here, pick the closest thing.)
  3. Choose a color
  4. Choose a type of girl
  5. Choose a song
  6. Sorry about the sad song choices, had an emotional breakdown while making it.
  7. Choose a word
  8. Choose B
  9. Anyways… have you dyed your hair?
  10. Choose a number
  11. Angel?

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Quiz topic: What is my aesthetic? (For boys)