What aesthetic are you quiz? :3

Wanna know what aesthetic you are? Well you're in luck, cuz this quiz will tell you what aesthetic you are! I hope you are happy with whatever result you get and enjoy my quiz!!

Btw you can get up to 10 results! (kawaii, v-wave, grunge, baddie, art mom, minamalist, ocean, purple, vintage or vsco)so yeahhhhh! :3 Enjoy now~ have an awesome and fun time taking my quiz! :3

Created by: Gigi da gurl owo

  1. Okay so hi!
  2. Okay, so first off: what's your fav color?
  3. if you could only take 3 things with you on an island besides food water and your family, what'd you bring?
  4. Cool! So who is your favorite female singer?
  5. I'm waiting for...
  6. Pick a word!
  7. What is your favorite aesthetic?
  8. Pick fateeee (doesn't count :3)
  9. Did you like this quizzzzz~???
  10. Pick emoji and get ur resultttttttt bob da builderrrrrrr

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Quiz topic: What aesthetic am I quiz? :3