What is the name?

A quiz all about names- mainly first names. Only a couple about other names. When a person gets called that and all the other facts about it... I might link a name to a certain object or color and guess what you think that name is...

Mainly this is all about first names being put in alphabetical order, first names that is the same word as in an object or color, first names matched with nationalities, and common last names matched with nationalities.

Created by: Harvey
  1. What is shortened first name of the name "Lauren"?
  2. What male name equals De plus an plus o?
  3. On a British traffic light, what is yellow often reffered to in the UK? Note that the correct answer is an girl's first name, somewhat common here in the USA.
  4. What Bible name of a book is also the longer form of the name "Josh"?
  5. Put these male-gender names in alphabetical order: Ryan, Nick, Ben, Matt, Dennis, Giorgio.
  6. What is the shortened form of the name "Sally" spelled differently and the spelling differing from the actual spelling?
  7. Put these female-gender names in alphabetical order: Eunice, Vera, Anne, Cindy, Melanie, Donna.
  8. What is a female-gender form for the male-gender name "Patrick"?
  9. What is the American male-gender or British female-gender of the American spelling of the female-gender name Hillary?
  10. What nationality would a girl or woman named Joasia be?

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