Which Character from "Anne with an E" are you?

Ever seen "Anne with an E"? Wanna know what character you are related to the most? Take this short little quiz to find out. I hope you enjoy and that you are okay with your results.

All the results are for female characters. The results are Prissy, Ruby, Josie, Diana and Anne. Answer the questions below as accurately as you can in order to get your parallel character.

Created by: Emma Trojanowski
  1. Which of the following words best describes you?
  2. Do you consider yourself to be popular?
  3. If you don't mind me asking, what is your GPA? (Or what was it when you were in school?)
  4. Who would you want as your best friend?
  5. Which character do you want to get?
  6. If you had a little sister who got sick, how do you respond?
  7. Were/are you raised in a strict household?
  8. Do you like exploring?
  9. Do you know what the word "construe" means?
  10. I'm about to give you a result

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Quiz topic: Which Character from "Anne with an E" am I?