Anne Frank Quiz

Do you like Anne Frank?If so,then this is the quiz for you!You will learn about the people Anne hid with for 2 years,and Anne Frank's life before she died.

Anne was only 14 years old when she had to go into hiding so the Nazi's didn't find her.She hid with 7 other Jews,and they lived in secret for 2 years.

Created by: Aine

  1. Question 1.When was Anne Frank born?
  2. Question 2.Where was Anne Frank born?
  3. Question 3.What did Anne receive for her 13th birthday?
  4. Question 4.What colour and pattern was Anne's birthday present?
  5. Question 5.What were Anne's sister named?
  6. Question 6.Who was Anne closest with?Her mother or her father?
  7. Question 7.What was the last name of the other family who came to the Secret Annexe?
  8. Question 8.Who did Anne have a crush on in the Secret Annexe?
  9. Question 9.Who got ordered to go to a Work Camp which was the reason the Frank's went into hiding?
  10. Question 10.What was the camp that Anne died in?

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