Hearth Keeper Quiz #8

How well do you know your fellow HearthKeepers? Do you know where they live? What they do? Their children's names? Their middle names? Just kidding...no middle names.

See how many questions you can answer correctly! Have you been paying attention? Do you need to start taking notes? Do you need to find a life outside HK? No cheating!!!

Created by: Melissa
  1. What is KSKirstin's oldest son involved in?
  2. What does Kiersten call her children?
  3. Who does NOT use Veritas Press?
  4. Who is NOT a Mary Kay consultant?
  5. Whose husband is currently in seminary?
  6. Which of these former military ladies deployed to Kosovo?
  7. Who is the newest member to HK that has posted?
  8. Which of these ladies is NOT 6 feet tall?
  9. Who has her own ezine?
  10. Which lady walked around Washington D.C. in her high heels?

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