Hearth Keeper Quiz #7

How well do you know your fellow HearthKeepers? Do you know where they live? What they do? Their children's names? Their middle names? Just kidding...no middle names.

See how many questions you can answer correctly! Have you been paying attention? Do you need to start taking notes? Do you need to find a life outside HK? No cheating!!!

Created by: Melissa
  1. Where was Natalie born?
  2. How did HeatherBell get her name "HeatherBell"
  3. What was Linda_in_Oz's HK name before she was Linda_in_Oz?
  4. What is Tally's favorite hobby?
  5. Whose children were born in her heart?
  6. Where does Cheryl live?
  7. Who has her degree in Social Work?
  8. Before Cari's husband became an LPN what did he do?
  9. Wendy currently lives in Virginia. This is her _____ time living here.
  10. Only one has twins:

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