What infinity stone is destined for you?

Which infinity stone are you? Your results may be different then you imagined. In this quiz you could get the soul stone, the mind stone, the power stone ,

The time stone, space stone, or the reality stone. This is my first quiz. Don’t blame me if this is terrible so go on and take this quiz and have a heck a lot of fun!

Created by: SCREEEEE

  1. Would you want to be able to....
  2. Who would you look up to?
  3. Is hulk the...
  4. Who is the best avenger?
  5. Thanos is infront of you do you....
  6. You see a shooting star what do you wish for?
  7. Pick a color.
  8. Your last words :
  9. Who is the worst avenger?
  10. Which stone do you want to be?

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