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  • Your Result: Hunter Jumper

    You are bold and strong, and you love outdoor sports. You are very active, but don't like team sports as much as ones you can play solo. You are quiet, but strong and admired.

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    Wow that was REALLY accurate! Everything it says in the description is totally me! I stopped riding a year ago, but I'm gonna go back to it in the summer. I have 3 years of experience in english riding and I also know a little bit of western riding. I liked my results because I LOVE going over jumps.

  • I got Pleasure! Thats how I ride and the description totally explains me! I have been riding horses since i could talk and now I have my most prized posessions Zeppelin, my Grulla pinto mare and Sonny, my beautiful bay gelding!

  • There is no such thing as 16.5 hh, 17.5 hh, etc. Hands are measured by 4 inches. That means it goes 16 hh, 16.1, 16.2, 16.3 and then it goes to 17 hh. Just let you know so you can change it. ;)

  • Just to let you know, you can't have a 15.5 hh horse. A hand is 4 inches, so you can have 14.0 hh - 14.3 hh, 15.0 hh -15.3 hh etc. But nice quiz!

  • um, actually its not a decimal. horse people say it 14.1;which ALWAYS means 14 hands and 1 inch.

  • Acually, you can have a 15.5 hh horse, it's just a decimal.....


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