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  • What High School Stereotype Are You?
    Your Result: Goth 81%

    Goths tend to feel like they are rejected from society, and sometimes suffer from depression, but this is not always the case. A goth is usually someone who identifies with the goth subculture, and listens to goth music. The goth lifestyle is also about artistic expression, for example a lot of goths wear dark clothing. Goths tend to understand that there is a lot of pain in the world, and its better to accept it as fact rather than to ignore it.

    24% Loner
    14% Popular
    14% Punk
    0% Nerd

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  • I wouldn't really say I'm punk but ok

    Alexander Magne
  • No thanks. Not my favorite quiz. I’m sorry.

  • ooooooooooooooh


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