What high school musical character are you?

Hello! This quiz tells you what character you are from high school musical! Are you Sharpay,troy,gabriela or taylor? Do you know? Well... Take this awesome quiz and see if U are a good character from highschool musical!!

Hope you can get a satisfied character! If you didn't... SORRY! I just created this quiz like 3 minutes ago AND it is my very first one so do not make fun of it! I'd better see nice comments in the comment box! Please have fun and hope you get a good character!

Created by: AMILE02
  1. What's your fave color?
  2. Are you mean?
  3. Color hair?
  4. What's your hobby
  5. Are you shy?
  6. What's your fave food?
  7. What's your hair style?
  8. Do you watch high school musical?
  9. Pick one
  10. How are you feeling?

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Quiz topic: What high school musical character am I?