High School Musical Quiz

Ok so if you end up at the bottom, who cares because that means you get to watch all the movies again! This Quiz is for fun it's not as if when you win you get 1million pounds so enjoy it!

This quiz is a mixture of character and film questions! If you know all about them then this is the quiz for you! Will you turn out to be a Number 1 fan find out in just a few seconds.

Created by: Katie
  1. What date was High School Musical 1 released on?
  2. What is Zac Efrons Full name?
  3. Who does Zac Efron Have a crush on?
  4. Whose Catchphrase is 'Toodles'?
  5. Gabriella is president of which club?
  6. Name one of Zac's two dogs
  7. What is Ashley Tisdale's middle name?
  8. Who sings the start and Beginnings of Troy's Solos?
  9. Lindsay Lohan is making an apperance in HSM3?
  10. HSM3 is set in a haunted House?

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