High School Musical Fan quiz

Learn if your a top dog or if you hav'ent even seen it. You can figure out with this quiz. Who knows your results could be sent to zac efron. And he could award you for supporting him and his freinds through the process.

Are you a high school musical fan?Have you seen it enough times? We can only figure out. Take this quiz know who and what you are ranked as.So take this quiz you know you want to.

Created by: April

  1. Who acts Troy Bolton?
  2. Who acts Sharpay Evens
  3. Who acts Chad Danforth?
  4. Who Guest Starred in High School Musical?
  5. True or false: vannessa Ann Hudgens lives next door to miley Cyrus?
  6. Who acts ryan evens
  7. Who is the director?
  8. True or False: Zac Efron is dating
  9. Who acts Jason
  10. Who sings were all in this together?

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