What High School Musical Character Are You?

Do you like High School Musical? Well, this is a good quiz for you because it tells you what character you are mostly like. If you didn't get the character you wanted, you can just try the quiz again.

So, are you ready? Ready to know what character your like? I hope you like my quiz. If you liked it, please comment and/or rate below. Speaking of comments, I don't want any inappropiate comments in my comment box.

Created by: Cheerleader Chick

  1. First of all, Welcome to my quiz.
  2. Are you a determined person?
  3. Do you get jeolous easily?
  4. Are you popular? (Be Honest)
  5. Are you considered, a sweet and delicate person?
  6. Are you smart?
  7. Do you like Science?
  8. Do you stand up for some people?
  9. Are you considered a cheerful person?
  10. Did you like this quiz? (This donsn't effect your score, I'm just asking. I don't really care If you do not like it)

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Quiz topic: What High School Musical Character am I?