High School Musical:Where you made for the spotlight?

Being your self can be usal but are you made for the spotlight? You are or not. Taking this quiz can realy make you see what hsm score from a character YOU are!

Can you do it? Take this quiz to find out! If you Dont like you ranking sorry but it is YOU. You have your own relity. It dosn't matter if you think it's bad because it's not. Whatever schore, Its cool!

Created by: Charlotte
  1. During an average day how much time do you spend infont of a mirror?
  2. Tue of false: You own your own microphone!
  3. During classes, your music teacher announces that the signups for the school musical are in the hallway. You:
  4. You think trying out for the school musical might be fun. As you wait to audition, you are:
  5. You make it into the classroom Just after the bell and your teacher declares you tardy! You:
  6. You keep a spare outfitit your locker in case of a fashon emergency.
  7. Your'e grabbing a bite with youre friends, but you're burger has oinons and youre allergic. You:
  8. You did not get the role you wanted in the school musical. You:
  9. Your'e walking down the red carrpet and there are photographers everywhere! You are:
  10. Your mum sends you to a party, but you dont know anyone! You:

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