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  • Your Result: .40 Smith & Wesson

    This cartridge was introduced in 1990 as a reduced power version of the FBI's 10mm Auto, because many agents couldn't handle the heavy recoil of the 10mm round. The .40 has loads ranging from 180-grain hollowpoint at over 1000 ft/s, to the mid-weight 155 and 165-grain hollowpoints at 1200 and 1150 ft/s respectively, and the super fast 135-grain which can reach speeds of over 1300 ft/s.

    I look awesome as a gun n_n

  • i got Your Result: .44 Magnum

    This cartridge and the Model 29 were one of the centerpieces of the Dirty Harry films. This cartridge is very powerful, firing a great variety of loads. The 44 Magnum can launch a 180-grain softpoint to over 1600 ft/s, a 240-grain hollowpoint to over 1300 ft/s, and a 300-grain hardcast lead bullet to over 1100 ft/s. Many loads go over and under those levels, making the .44 a very versatile round woo hoo

  • I got 40 smith and Wesson, that's cool, I really liked this quiz, because it was different than any old other quiz, 10 stars!!

    I like music
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