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  • Eliza S. 78%

    You are the best of 'wives and woman' In other words you will do what it takes to keep everyone happy. You care for others deeply and you try hard. But you can be easily effected once you become 'helpless'

    48% Aaron Burr
    44% Angelica S.
    44% Phillip Hamilton
    12% Thomas Jefferson
    0% Alexander Hamilton

  • What Hamilton character are you?
    Your Result: Alexander Hamilton 70%

    You're young scrappy and hungry You won't throw away ur shot You won't say no to this And you're nonstop! You have a lot of energy and you are very smart. But you make multiple mistakes. Your pride can get in the way.

    64% Phillip Hamilton
    60% Thomas Jefferson
    54% Aaron Burr
    30% Eliza S.
    8% Angelica S.

    I'm a little bit of everyone. Just like my personality. I'm a little bit of everyTHING.


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