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  • How'd this make the front page? You didn't ask anything portaining to the hair itself. Some people have hair long enough to ponytail, but they can't braid it or bun it, ya know? Just my opinion. Also, what does the color question have to do with anything? Maybe one girl likes royal purple because it's loud, while another likes lilac purple because it's soft and won't stick out. There's two very different personalities right there. I dunno, hon. It's an okay quiz, but I don't get how you managed front page with it.

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  • What hairstyle best suits you?
    Your Result: Ponytail or Braid

    87% Your hair looks amazing when you wear it up in a ponytail or in loose/tight braid. It shows that your healthy and athletic. It shows that your bold and willing to try something new.

    86% Bun
    85% Long and Straight
    80% Curly/Wavy

    Th is is so true. I wear my hair in all of these all the time and i love it.

  • Long and straight. That's accurate. Although this quiz doesn't seem accurate, because your hair shouldn't be based on your favorite color -_-

    And I hate this quiz just because of the sports question. Girls can play hockey, you know T_T

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  • I got curly/wavy, its not curly but it isn't completely straight and I don't have a clue what prep means

  • Nice quiz but I think there's something wrong in the way you made the answers.

  • This quiz is really accurate. TEN STARS!!!

  • Long and straight.

  • Lol I have super long curly hair and that was the result I got the least on. Oops :P

  • Pony tail and braid

    Happy AJ

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