What H20 Chacter Are You?

There Are many mermaid quizes to quiz on but this quiz has the most coolest queston's based on the hit t.v. show h2o just add water. created by lindsey

Do You Want To find Out your mermaid strengh's and weakness's and a typical day as have a fishy secret. then quiz yourself and your bff now! Created By Lindsey

Created by: lindsey of the scaly spell
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  1. If you went to the juice net what would you get?
  2. How Often Are You In The Water?
  3. What Color Hair Do You Have?
  4. How Long Can You Hold Your Breath?
  5. If A Water Tentecale Just Came Out Of Your Tub What Would You Do?
  6. If you chiped your scale on some coral and there was blood what would you do?
  7. As Your Swimming You See A Sting Ray with a busted right flaper what do you do?
  8. What Color Do You Paint Your Toe's
  9. Do You Take A Shower Or A Tub?
  10. If you Found A Mysterouis Book In The Lake would You open it
  11. If right now your mer-bff called you up and told you "I going back to that cave and giving up being a mermaid in a hour" what would you say

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Quiz topic: What H20 Chacter am I?