What Supe are you?

For fans of the Sookie Stackhouse books or the True Blood HBO show. This is a quiz that tells you what type of super natural person you are. We noticed a lack of True Blood based quizzes and thought the void needed to be filled.

Power, seduction and narcissism are the hallmarks of being a Vamp. You show and share your emotions freely; this brings you closer to friends but gets you into trouble as well.

Created by: quickfire81
  1. Someone hurts you or a loved one, you would seek emendate retaliation.
  2. You are quick to lose your temper.
  3. Friends and family is extremely important to you.
  4. You like to be alone most of the time.
  5. You like the be the center of attention.
  6. You have good focus and concentration.
  7. You are a good actor.
  8. You want to live forever.
  9. You are loyal.
  10. You don't trust others.
  11. You can take care of yourself.
  12. Everyone finds you attractive.
  13. You believe that you can improve your life with hard work.
  14. You have a hard time dating or making friends.
  15. You like garlic.
  16. You love animals.
  17. You would like to cast spells.
  18. You like to know what others are thinking.

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Quiz topic: What Supe am I?