What Gymnastics Level Are You On?

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Hi I'm 10 and almost in juniors(our gym's levels are harder than they should be I should be on team). Of course gymnastics (and cheer of course) is the most dangerous sport and many people wanna try it out. Here you can determine where you should be moved up or...

You can determine which level you will be in when you start it if u wanna. So I suggest start practicing if you want to become a gymnast because trust me I love it idk why its hard but it all pays off its my entire life!

Created by: Gymnast4Life
  1. What are you best at?
  2. How much do you love it?
  3. If you could do any other sport what would you do?
  4. What move comes to mind when I say the word gymnastics?
  5. What have you mastered?
  6. How many hours do you train a week?
  7. How many meets do you have a week?
  8. Is it always worth it at the end of the day?
  9. Do you train in your free time?
  10. What is your dream?

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Quiz topic: What Gymnastics Level am I On?