What Group Would You Fit In at My School?

Where would you fit in at my school? Well first you must understand my school. The geeks, who are funny, are all girls, and failing or have a D in at least one class. The smart people, are athletic and poplar.

Some groups are split-offs from other groups, some aren't listed here because they are small, like the Alli-Hetu group, or the Tamar-Bobby-Kim group, etc. So where do you stand at CCS? Find out riiiiiiiiiight now!

Created by: Alli Rutherford

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Of these people, who would you hang out with?
  2. How long was your last relationship?
  3. You come home from school, you immediatly...
  4. How many cliques are you in at school?
  5. Your friend is talking about you behind your back, you...
  6. Choose a club:
  7. Would you run for student council?
  8. Are you failing any classes?
  9. My room is...
  10. On my Friday adgenda, you would find...

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