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  • cool geeks... hmmm.. im not a geek but i do like to be friends with everyone.... i would probbaly be a loner not a geek....

    wow... i used to be a popular kid in elementry, then i was a regular girl, then i became just someone and now im sort of a loner with lots of friends!! xD im not a loner though, im more like a regular optimistic fun girl who likes everybody... like rachel scott.... shes awesome!!

    Too me
  • such bull....i would be such a loner in your school not a geek. cuz that's how it was in my elementary school but once i got into high school there weren't any cliques.


  • HAHA! guess I'm in your group. I have four close friends we sit alone at lunch...on purpose, I hate pretty much everyone else.

    Kid Vicious
  • Loners but cool group.

    Christ Love

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