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There are any diffrent kinds of people, but they are easy to define. Every one has speicial talents though, and with all of those people, we have groups. (This quiiz doese not make you what it says, and you don't have to hang out with people of that group.)This test is not only fun, but very informative.

Witch group would you fit best into??Are you a goth? A nerd? Will you be the smart type or the artistic tye? If you don't take this quiz this question will haunt you FOREVER AND EVER & EVER!!Take this quiz to find out if your a jock, a pep or someone else!

Created by: Akita

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You are getting ready for gym. What is your first thought??
  2. Choose one:
  3. What do you like to wach?
  4. What is your favorite kind of dog?
  5. What is your dream crush like??
  6. What doese your room look like?
  7. O.K... What is your favorite type of jewlry?
  8. What is your favorite anime??
  9. What pops into your mind when you here the word 'teacher'
  10. O.K., last question

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