What was/is your High School Stereotype?

This test is to help determine what social group you are in right now or were in high school. It is by no means, an accurate measure of your social status, however it does tell you what group you're sort of in right now judging from how you answered this quiz.

Even if the questions are a bit weird or stupid or just downright rude, it is generally the stereotype that each question asks is gonna refer to. Specifically if you look at the big picture on today's teens, it's pretty obvious just from what they're wearing you can figure out what group they were in

Created by: mrduckbear

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  1. How many "real" friends would you say you have? as in, people you hang out or talk with most of the time?
  2. Have you ever been to a "Party" before?
  3. What sort of clothes would you say you wear?
  4. Which of the following words do you say most of the time when you speak?
  5. How are your teeth looking?
  6. How's your body looking?
  7. Have you ever changed your clothing style/personality growing up throughout school?
  8. Have you ever taken illegal drugs like marijuana, cocaine or dope before?
  9. Do you smoke?
  10. Have you ever been bullied before?
  11. Do you play any Sports?
  12. Do you love "Cars"?
  13. Have you ever been in a relationship before?
  14. Have you ever done things to impress or try to fit in with certain people?
  15. Do you drink alcohol?
  16. Are you a Virgin?
  17. How would you describe your hair?
  18. Have you ever gotten in trouble at school/with the law or cause annoyance to the public before?
  19. How would you rate your looks?
  20. Lastly, which of the following do you like to do the most?
  21. Actually this is the last question, do you "HATE" anybody with a passion in real life?
  22. Oh yeah, One last question, do you wear Hats? If so, how do you wear it?
  23. No no, seriously, this is the absolute LAST question. What is your sexuality?

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Quiz topic: What was/is my High School Stereotype?